How to Lose Weight and Not Count Calories..

I know that I may sound like a hypocrite in a way but let me explain. I don’t think everyone should count calories. In fact, for some people it may be the one THING that keeps you from getting to your goal. It can get time consuming, it’s boring, a pain in the ass, and sometimes you just don’t want to fucking do it.

Do I think everyone needs to know HOW to count calories? Yes. I think everyone should at least learn the basics and be aware and conscious of how much they are eating. Knowing what portion sizes are, how many calories are in your meals, foods, etc. can all be game changers when it comes to fat loss/weight loss.

I don’t mind tracking but I don’t do it all the time. It depends on where I’m at with my goals. I do find that clients that track their food intake, at least for awhile, have faster and better success rates. But I also realize the pain points behind it all.

That being said, do you have to count calories? No. Absolutely not. In fact I think that most people that track, do it very incorrectly. Misjudging amounts, not putting in the proper portion sizes, there’s a lot of room for error. So then what am I supposed to do Abby!?! If you skip that calorie counting method there’s another method to try first that is easy, simple, and all you need to do is use your hands…I’m talking about portion control.

I’ve attached the super simple easy infographic pdf from Precision Nutrition to help you out as a guide. As always you need to reassess after a few weeks if there is still no progress being made.

If you’ve never counted in your life and have no idea where to begin, I’d for sure recommend this method. The amounts and where you should start are all on here. As always these numbers are best guesses. You may have to adjust as needed. Try it out for a few weeks and if you’re making progress, keep going:) If not? Re-evaluate.


Need some extra help with accountability and more accurate numbers? Let me know:)