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          How to do when the bathtub is yellow, and teach you the cleaning method of saving time and effort and money

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          The most effective way to keep the bathtub clean is to do a good job of daily cleaning and maintenance. If not, what should I do if the bathtub is yellow? Select appropriate methods to clean up in time.

          1. How to do the bath with yellow

          There are many ways to clean bathtub, and there are several commonly used methods. First, for the scale surface that is not cleaned in time after bathing, it can be washed with the soft products such as bath lotion or shampoo. Second, in view of the aging and yellowing of bathtub in long-term use, and mildew spots caused by unclean or too wet, the bath can be soaked with white vinegar for several hours. Where it can not be soaked, it can be covered with a cloth soaked with vinegar water for several hours, or the self-made detergent of vinegar + baking soda is applied to the stain, and then wiped with towel Rinse with clean water. When cleaning rust or antiskid gel, it can also be soaked in vinegar before cleaning. Third, for stubborn yellow stain surface, we can buy special cleaning agent or detergent to remove it.


          2. How to do when the bath is yellow pay attention to the bathtub material

          When choosing cleaning method, pay attention to the bathtub material. Do not use special detergent containing bleach when removing enamel bathtub, otherwise it will damage the surface of bathtub. But ceramic bathtub stubborn stain cleaning do not use decontamination powder, because decontamination powder will wear the porcelain surface to make it lose luster. For acrylic bathtub is easy to be corroded by strong alkali, so it is necessary to avoid using strong alkaline cleaner, otherwise, the surface will be damaged and peeled.

          3. How to do when the bath is yellow? Pay attention to cleaning tools

          Do not use 100 clean cloth or steel ball to clean the yellow stain of bathtub, so as to avoid scraping the glaze of bathtub, and it should be cleaned with soft towel or soft brush. Do not use a detergent containing pigment to clean, so as not to dye if the pigment seeps into the cylinder surface.

          Above is bathtub yellow how to do cleaning methods and precautions, is it time-saving and energy-saving? If you have a better cleaning method, please share your message.

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