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          Want to read while taking a bath? The bathroom was transformed into a study

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          A Book Wall bookshelf in the bathroom may be a less common setting in the bathroom, but if you are relaxing by the Japanese designer foam Spa (foam SPA) designed by LIXIL, you may need such an unconventional configuration.

          This bathtub uses unique technology, and its air and water control system allows you to be wrapped in bubbles throughout the bath, and the bubbles will not suffer any skin damage for a long time. With this kind of bathtub, there must be more books on hand.

          Bring your love of books into the bathroom! Your bathroom may not need to be filled with books like these two examples, but it's cool to combine books with bathroom space. For example, the bathroom hidden behind a book wall, every time you enter the bathroom, you can grab a book! The secret bathroom hidden behind the study. It's not only a bathtub but also a bookshelf. I'll have one when I take a bath! Adding a few books to the bathroom doesn't mean you have to put a big, high-end bookshelf here as the background of the bathroom.

          In fact, one or two smaller, more low-key bookshelves or reading corners in the bathroom are more popular and practical.

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