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          [4.5 M2] it's good to enjoy. The bathtub covers less than 1 m2!

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          "How to install a bathtub in the bathroom?" This is the first thing Mo Mo said to the orange.


          Orange thinks that many girls have a bath dream of their own. After all, who is not the female owner in Idol TV series, Korean TV series and Japanese TV series? In the warm bath, there are a layer of dream bubbles and colorful petals floating on it. They make themselves beautiful and ruddy, and then meet their own prince charming?

          Even Yang Guifei was given a bath in Huaqing pool. After soaking, she helped her son to lift her up! I think this is a very comfortable thing. Foam for the new home decoration this matter, other don't care, want a bathtub!

          But her husband doesn't want to. He thinks that the bathroom is only 4.5 square meters in size. If he puts down the toilet and bathroom cabinet, there won't be a lot of space. Don't mess around! If you want to put the bathtub is bound to compress the shower space, my husband is determined not to use the shower in the bathtub, I feel unsanitary.

          After thinking about it, Mo Mo felt that it was a dead end. At last, her husband gave her 1 square meter, but 1 square meter can put the bathtub? In fact, it's really OK!

          The orange has made some planning, and finally, together with Mo Mo, they have made the best use of the 1 m2!

          The shower and bathtub are separated, and the wet area is planned uniformly. The wet and dry parts are separated by shower curtain and water bar. The bathtub is exquisitely selected, with a height of 1.1m, a length of 0.77M, a width of 0.89m, and an area of less than 1m2!

          Someone is going to ask, "is it comfortable to soak in such a small bathtub?"

          Foam can answer you: "in fact, at the beginning, I also feel that it's hard to take a bath when I can't stretch, but many costume dramas just take a bath in a small barrel. It's not hard to squat in it. I'm warm all over, and I really save water! Generally only need half a tank of water, sit down on the full! Compared with ordinary bathtubs, such a small bathtub not only occupies a small area, but also saves water. My husband can't pick any thorns! "

          Bath supplies are hanging on the wall, naturally does not occupy a place, a comfortable and romantic bath holy land, really use 1 m2 to solve! Silent husband really did not say, the next bathroom decoration to her!

          Generally speaking, the space of 4.5 square meters is very abundant. If you negotiate with your family, it's not a problem to put a bigger bathtub!

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