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          Bathroom with two walls, divided into three areas, can also add bathtub!

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          The bathroom shared today was sent by "enthusiastic citizen Mr. Yang". In his opinion, the bathroom is a place with super high frequency of use. For example, on weekends, you may want to spend a day in bed, but there is one place you have to go several times, that is the bathroom!


          So when decorating his new home, he paid special attention to the comfort of this place. How to say, Mr. Yang's home is quite big, and the bathroom is 6 square meters. He also added two walls here!

          The two bright white walls divide the toilet area, the washing area and the bathing area. The separation of dry and wet is certain, and the appearance seems to be ok? The most eye-catching thing is that these three areas all use the same kind of tiles, and the usage is not the same!

          The tiles in these areas are directly used as the background wall of the toilet, and the width is the same as that of the toilet, directly to the top. The clean and refreshing wall mounted toilet doesn't need to be taken care of. Even if it's wall mounted, how can it still be square? What if you want to install a smart toilet cover?

          The tiles in the wash area are wider. After all, they are larger, which makes them more harmonious visually. Mr. Yang thinks that the function of the toilet washing area is not so single. The light is good and there are mirrors and storage. It's just right to make a dressing table! So I chose the bathroom cabinet with side cabinet, Storage Power Max!

          The use of tiles in the bath area is more unique. Dig out a niche in the wall to store things. The background is still small tiles, which is very lively and bright.

          This bathroom area is really abundant. Mr. Yang thinks it's a bit unreasonable not to put a bathtub in it. Too big to put down, too small and uncomfortable, so he chose to choose or choose this, he had fun at home.

          ON:[4.5 M2] it's good to enjoy. The bathtub covers less than 1 m2!

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