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          It's not just a bathtub, it's a little lucky thing in your life

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          Would you take a shower or a bath if you had time? If the shower is a product of fast life to save time, the bathtub is a necessity to enjoy a slow life.

          In the leisure time, a comfortable bath to wash away a body of fatigue, a good-looking and stylish bathtub has become an indispensable art in the bathroom space, but also a good pursuit of high-quality life.

          Today, Xiaobian will introduce the bathtub of olusa sanitary ware from the aspects of material, function and appearance.


          Material class

          The common bathtub materials on the market include steel plate enamel bathtub, wooden bathtub, cast iron bathtub, ceramic bathtub, acrylic bathtub, etc., but because of its material, transportation, appearance design, service life and other problems, the most mainstream bathtub on the market is acrylic bathtub. Now let's give a brief introduction.

          Enamel bathtub: the special steel plate is used for stamping forming, and the enamel technology is used to complete the surface design. The durability is good, but the thermal insulation performance is poor.

          Wooden bathtub: it is made of wood with high hardness and high density. Because it is made of wood, it is easy to deform and not easy to clean, so it needs daily maintenance.

          Cast iron bathtub: it's a very durable material, but it's relatively more expensive, with single shape and relatively bulky.

          Ceramic bathtub: it's made of ceramic clay. It's fragile, not easy to transport, not easy to degrade, not environmental protection.

          With the development of the times and the enhancement of environmental awareness, the bathtubs made of the above materials have been gradually eliminated by the market. At present, the more environmentally friendly acrylic has become the main material of bathtubs in the market.

          Acrylic bathtub

          20190717 它不僅是浴缸,還是你生活中的小確幸522.jpg

          20190717 it's not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky 522.jpg in your life

          Acrylic (PMMA), a by-product extracted from deep-sea oil, is used as raw material in the production of bathtubs. It is also one of the mainstream products in the market. It has the advantages of high surface finish, large modeling options, long service life and moderate price. This kind of bathtub has light weight, good thermal insulation effect, smooth surface and easy cleaning. It is a favorite choice for many people.


          Function class

          According to the functional characteristics of bathtubs, they are empty bathtubs, metal bathtubs and massage bathtubs. These bathtubs have their own characteristics in their modeling and design, but the biggest advantage is in their functions. When we choose them, we still need to decide according to our personal preferences and family needs, so that we can choose a suitable bathtub.


          Empty cylinder

          20190717 it is not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky 759.jpg in your life

          The empty bathtub meets the bath needs of ordinary families. The whole bathtub is simple and generous, without unnecessary accessories. It can match different faucets according to its own preferences. The shape of this bathtub is mellow and soft, with elegant curves. The white surface is firm and smooth, with a unique soft and beautiful quality.


          Hardware cylinder

          20190717 it is not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky in your life

          The hardware tank makes the bath have more enjoyment modes. The faucets have different functions, such as adjusting the amount of water and water outlet mode. The shape can match different colors according to the space, which is very artistic. The simple and neat lines make the whole space focus on this square inch.


          Massage bathtub

          20190717 it is not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky 954.jpg in your life

          Massage bathtub can be said to be the ultimate enjoyment of bath. The super large bath space has different massage outlets distributed at the bottom and around the inner wall of the bathtub. With the massage functions of surf massage, bubble massage and waterfall water, the water can stimulate acupoints, relieve fatigue, and enjoy the whole body massage while taking a bath.



          Design bathtub refers to the bathtub designed by designers, which is both ornamental and usable. Nilo gioacchini, the chief Italian designer of olusa, finds the beauty of life with the eye of art and integrates inspiration into the design. Each art tank has its own story, and carves every detail with the rigorous process of art production, which has unique characteristics.



          20190717 it is not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky 1193.jpg in your life

          From NL series, brand new bathroom concept, bold innovation, two-color seamless one cylinder, built-in shelf at skirt, with stereo induction seven color light belt, rose red is charming and moving, lying in it, feeling the communication between body and soul, not pleasant.



          20190717 it's not only a bathtub, but also a little lucky in your life 1283.jpg

          Designed by NL, this bathtub won the International Red Dot Design Award. The bathtub is supported by a stainless steel bracket. It has a sense of spatial hierarchy that the floor cylinder does not have. In terms of material selection, it pays attention to the texture of the overall space. The unique ruggedness of the metal and the softness of the white cylinder have clear boundaries and set off each other. It can store towels, hold up wine cups and other objects, The bath pillow has adjustable direction, which is practical and artistic.

          After reading these, do you begin to have expectations for bath? Although the busy life is normal, when we are busy creating our own value, we should not forget to choose a favorite bathtub for ourselves. After the flashiness has dissipated, we can enjoy the feeling of being quietly hugged by the warm water and find our own happiness.

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