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          4.4 square meters bathroom play color, plug a bathtub to add color

          Release time:2021-06-10     Views

          Toilet color actually has a lot of schemes, generally do solid color, dark color more. Because the toilet water, people come and go, after all, more likely to dirty, made of dark solid color looks very high-end, with the same five-star hotel.


          About the color collocation of the toilet, the most common is the minimalist white, high-grade gray or the simple combination of white and black. Because the bathroom is a place for washing and bathing, the choice of monochrome wall can highlight the sense of cleanliness of the space.

          Today, we introduce a different bathroom, which combines the elements of geometry and color contrast!

          Color contrast can break the dullness brought by black, white and gray, and make up for the lack of spatial pattern. The use of color to create the atmosphere needed by the heart, so that the bathroom also has a beautiful artistic conception and artistic charm.

          Even the same color will have a different visual feeling because of its own purity and expression of materials.

          In the space of only 4.4 square meters, not only the shower is separated from the wet and dry, but also a bathtub is plugged in. With the geometric pattern of the wall, the whole space is more flexible.

          The basin made of transparent glass has no sense of massiness, which reduces the burden visually.

          ON:It's not just a bathtub, it's a little lucky thing in your life