How to Have Ultimate Success With Dieting

We are nearly 7.5 months into the 2016 year and I can almost guarantee that if you made a New Year’s resolution, it had to do with weight loss, fitness, or some type of health related goal. Maybe you didn’t make a resolution, but come on, we all want to feel good, be healthy, and we all want to look good naked whether we want admit it or not.

Whatever reason you decide to embark on a journey to change your nutritional habits for the sake of weight loss, fat loss, health, whatever the case, there are things you have to realize in order to be successful. Don’t worry, I got you bro, and I’m going to share with you some of my best tips on how you can ensure yourself ultimate success with those health and weight/fat loss goals.

Set expectations that are realistic

You know when you watch the Biggest Loser and contestants are losing 15-20 lbs in their first few weeks? Yeah not going to happen. I mean unless you have an on-site chef, can workout 8 hours per day, get shut off from the outside world, and put yourself on a severely restrictive diet. Sounds like fun right? Didn’t think so.

Expecting to see incredible changes overnight will set you up to fail before you begin. Accept reality and realize fat loss is a process and won’t happen right away. Focus on making small changes and have a phase where you transition with your current diet making the process much more manageable. If you start restricting yourself right from the start, you won’t last very long and soon enough, right back to old behaviors.

Quit wasting time on “diets.”

Choose an eating style, but never a diet. In the back of your head you should always be thinking to yourself, “Can I sustain this plan for the rest of my life?” If the answer is no, then you should probably not be doing it in the first place. Choose a style of eating that allows for flexibility and lines up with your needs. Picking a diet that gives you short term results does not change your habits nor your way of thinking and eventually you will be back to square one. Do you honestly think you can live off shakes and celery the rest of your life?(I hope you said no) Remember this, if your diet is an inconvenience to you, restricts you too much, or promises quick fixes, it’s probably something you shouldn’t be doing.

Realize it won’t be easy.

I am a firm believer in finding a balance with your nutritional programs and exercise. However, you also need to realize that there are going to have to be sacrifices in order to achieve success with your nutrition. Basically suck it up buttercup because remember, no one is forcing you to lose weight. You may have to wake up earlier to get workouts in, you may have to give up your 2-3 sodas each day, you may have to stop eating out as much, you may have to start preparing your food more. When you can come to terms that not everyday will be easy and that if you aren’t willing to change something about the way you are currently doing things, you’ll never get anywhere.

Realize you don’t have to suffer.

On the flip side, also realize you shouldn’t go through the process miserable. It’s very sad to me that people associate the word diet with having to suffer. That’ is not how anyone should be approaching a lifestyle or a way of eating. You shouldn’t have to give up your social life, ditch the Holiday and family gatherings, or be eating a piece of cold chicken breast and broccoli for the 15th day in a row at every meal. Damn, give yourself permission that it’s ok to go out to eat and indulge every once in awhile and not beat yourself up about it. You’ll be much happier, less stressed, and actually see BETTER progress if you’re not constantly worrying about “dieting.”

Give it time.

You want quick results? Grab some Uncle Ben’s rice and microwave for 1 minute. Fat loss however, requires patience, time, and consistency. It may not be easy, but it will be worth it I promise. I want to ask you how many years you’ve spent failing and jumping from diet to diet because you have never gotten the results you’ve wanted instantly? If you think being patient and actually trusting the process of doing things the RIGHT way sucks because you have to wait a few months to see significant changes, think about the YEARS you have spent failing to meet your goals. I’m not sure about you, but I’ll take the few months over the years constant struggle and diet failures only to end up back at square one each and every time.

The goal should never be a short term diet, but a long term lifestyle.