Why Strength Training Should be A Priority

I can pretty much guess that 9/10 of you are trying to lose body fat/weight  right!? Normally when someone is trying to lose weight/fat they typically jump right on the treadmill, elliptical, or some other mind numbing machine of misery because somewhere a long the way we got it in our heads that “cardio” is the KEY!

Here’s a shocker…cardio alone  is actually a horrible way to lose fat. Notice I said CARDIO ALONE. I don’t care what your goal is, your program focus should be on resistance training. WHY!? Cardio is great for your heart, lungs, cardiovascular health and with a good diet, cardio can give you some slight progress. BUT if your diet is shit, you can’t make up for it by an hour of walking on treadmill. I’ll go over this in my myth buster of why cardio sucks for fat loss.

**NOTE** If you are deconditioned and BRAND NEW to exercise, just do something, anything, move, get up, because you will see progress.

Ok sorry got a little off topic there, so why the big deal with resistance training!?

The weights allow you to maintain muscle while you’re losing fat when you’re eating in a calorie deficit. IF you eat in a calorie deficit and are not doing any type of weight training, you may lose fat, but you’re also going to lose muscle and WE DON’T WANT THAT. It’s a HUGE DEAL to retain muscle people!


  1. The more muscle you have, the more calories you’ll burn throughout the day. (One study here proved that)


  1. MUSCLE is pretty hot…


  1. Things you can do with more muscle:

-Carry all your groceries in without making more than one trip.

-Be able to move, live longer and stuff…

-Sexy strangers may want to touch you more

-Function pain free and experiencing life well beyond  65 instead of wheeling yourself down the hallway of a nursing home.
If you think you’ll get hurt lifting weights, it could happen. But tripping on the treadmill, flying off, and breaking your hip could happen…My advice is to get PROPER training when starting a weight training regimen. Because if you do it right, the weights actually prevent injury, improve flexiblity, posture, improved mental health, confidence, and self esteem.

Reason enough don’t you think?? 🙂


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